The Time Between Dreams

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The Time Between Dreams is a magnificent book and tool for those of us—which is truly all of us – who have in the past or are currently experiencing a transition in our lives. Most often, we just forge ahead, yet don’t stop to understand the challenges that we’ve gone through and the opportunities that lie before us.

Carol has seen the tremendous effect upon the 25,000+ people in her more than two decades of non-profit work and she knew this was a message to be spread to a much, much wider audience. The Time Between Dreams contains many personal accounts from Carol’s own experiences with change, as well as the profound stories of Centerpoint alumni. This book is not only helpful personally, but is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for those in our lives who feel stuck or are in any type of transition phase.

The kind of book I’ll turn to time and again, whenever life or work signals that something is about to shift.

Marci Alboher

Vice President, Narrative Change